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May. 24th, 2011

Hey, everybody!

Just a general post to let you all know I'm OK. I was really touched by all your comments and concerns, I did disappear off the face of the earth and I should have had more forethought to let you all know I wasn't the victim of a bad meetup.

Suffice it to say, I've gotten back into contact with folks on FA who I dropped out on and am getting back into making art for everybody (including you kinksters out there!). My life had to deviate for a bit, I haven't been active in the lifestyle except for some slave/master and BDSM scenes on and off. It feels like forever since I've been connected with the furry or kink community in any great fashion.

I won't go into detail as to why I've been away, but hopefully over the coming months I'll be able to get back into the swing of things. I've been crazy busy lately, if I'm at home I'm sleeping. Luckily my schedule flattens down in a few weeks and I really want to get back to art.

I'm just heading to bed for the night, so if anybody here is into the Slave/master scene you'll have to wait for another day. Thanks again for all your kind words! <3
If I were to produce short 3D animations starring your furry character (custom modeled) doing just about anything your heart desires, would you be interested in commissioning? I would be offering extremely limited commissions, seeing as modeling, rigging, animating, and scene TD takes a LOT of time and effort. Probably 2-3 per year to start, then things should go quicker once I have a base library of character models (canid, hooved, digi/planti, draconian, etc). I made the mistake of opening too many commissions too fast before and I let myself and a lot of really great furs down. I refuse to make that mistake again and as such will now only produce first and charge second AND never accept more than one commission at a time.

I would also be interested in modeling and rigging characters for people who want to do their own animations. I use Maya '09, but can export raw models for any 3D program. Rigging would be limited to Maya for obvious reasons. I obviously have no problem (and would prefer) to model and rigs intended for yiffy and especially kinky purposes. I'm actually writing a mesh displacement script right now for the express purpose of facilitating realistic interactions between orifices and contents, such as a cock in a tailhole or (better yet) shit being expelled. it has glitches and won't work on border edges, but all in all its going pretty smoothly.

I'm now a Character TD major so I want to offer the furry community something it may not otherwise get since I can provide it and provide high quality stuff at that. Does that sound like a decent idea to anyfur out there?
hell yeah!

i am proud of my vote.
Zeta Exchange Commissions are CLOSED


thanks for your interest!
Hey, all! I hear you're interested in a commission! Well, as of December 10th I'll be opening up a ZETA TOY EXCHANGE commission.

What does 'zeta toy exchange' mean? Do we switch Zetas or something?
Nope. Basically, instead of sending me cold hard cash, you're instead saving about $30-$50 by sending me a Zeta toy as payment. Not only is your commission cheaper, but you also have the benefit of getting to shop around Zeta and pick a toy of your choice. And we all know how fun that is! =]

OK, you have my attention... so what do I get in exchange for a toy?
Depends on the price. Most zetas are down to about $40. For that you can have a digitally-colored, no-background piece with up to TWO (2) characters! That's a huge price savings on my usual work! If you get me a more complicated/larger zeta (think $70-$85 range) you can have up to FOUR (4) characters in the same style. I usually charge about $85 for three character pieces... so this is a HUGE savings gap for you.

sounds pretty decent... what do you draw?
what do I draw? ANYTHING. i'll draw your grandma as a poodle, i'll draw you banging your grandma as a poodle, i'll draw you sniffing, snuffing, pissing, dying, latex, plush, unbirthing, pre-vore, post-vore, in diapers, electro-torture... you name it I'll draw it. I have no limits.

awesome! Where can i see some samples of your work?
you can head right over to furaffinity. my account there is hazardouskink, just like here.

Sign me up! Where do i contact you?
you can PM me at FA, leave a comment here, or leave your e-mail and i'll contact you. I'm only offering 3 spaces at a time so i can manage the commission load. I'll post back to let you know when I have openings.

ok, haz, that all sounds great. I'll choose a random Zeta for you.
woah, now kiddo... not too quick! I already own a few zetas (not to say i wouldn't love doubles, of course!), but there is a list for you to choose from. It's under the LJ cut at the end of this entry.

sweet. do i just pick one of those?
yep, go right ahead and choose whichever one you'd like. Every time i get one i want from that list i'll take it off (unless i want more than one or two [like the akita!! mmm]). Check back to be sure that your choice hasn't been pulled from the list. 'course, if you still want to give it to me i'm sure we can work something out.

do you have a favorite color or hardness?
as a matter of fact, no. Just so long as it doesn't end up a hideous shade of brown i have no preferences. I've tried Zeta's med. and hard toys and i like them quite a bit, but i'd love to sample a 'soft' one. Pick and choose as you please, aint no mind here.

If you have any more questions dont hesitate to ask. I'm finishing up with my existing commissions before i embark on this, so it'll be a quick nip till i have this set up and running. do enjoy browsing my favorite picks... i personally love murring over them in lieu of being able to play with them all at once. *chuckle*

*Note: following list does not denote an order of preference*
Zeta Wishlist (NSFW)Collapse )